Calibrating the RTB external auger – weighing the pellets

Calibrating the RTB external auger is very important to keep the boiler running at its best. It is recommended to calibrate the external auger regularly, at least every tonne of fuel used and always when starting a new load of fuel or different supplier. Pellet size and consistency can vary greatly from one load to another even with the same brand.

Cleaning the RTB boiler

The compressor cleaning system of the RTB boiler is very effective at keeping the heat exchanger clear but it is recommended to check inside the boiler periodically. The process takes a few minutes and only basic tools are required. This will ensure that the boiler is running at its best and prevent unnecessary breakdowns. A full boiler service will be required at least once a year to maintain the warranty, this must be done by a registered RTB engineer. Find your nearest RTB engineer here.

Cleaning the RTB burner

The RTB burner is the part of the boiler that does most of the work so must be kept clean to give reliable service. The compressor cleaning system is very good at removing ash from the burner grate but dust can collect in the burner and under the grate. It is recommended to clean the burner every 2 – 3 tonnes of fuel that is burnt. The burner will be cleaned during the annual service and it is recommended to replace the ignitor at this time.

Empty the compressor air receiver

Empty the RTB compressor air receiver at least once a month during winter to prevent moisture being introduced into the boiler during the cleaning cycle.

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